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Mar 2, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Kalley Dunn, the Senior Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives at AmFunds. Goal-oriented, mission-focused Director of Development and Strategy who thrives on helping others help themselves. With over nine years of professional client-focused management experience, she profoundly values positive relationships and partnerships. Does your non-profit organization have a shortage of funding? If so, be proactive and connect with her today!

Starting from their own experience, they end up giving some powerful tips building a strategic plan for your NonProfit that actually works.

Listen in now and be informed.

Conversation Highlights:

[01:49] What do they do at AmFund?

[06:24] How to partner with AmFund for fundraising?

[12:15] Continuing that communication line…..

[20:12] Invite yourself to the Party!

[22:15] What are some of the coolest fundraisers Kalley has been a part of?

[23:25] What does the competition as a fundraiser looks like?

[28:09] Getting the community involved…..

[29:53] AmFund developed their very own Auction platform.

[32:16] Everything you need to know about the Fundraising Travel Program.

[36:25] What AmFund is currently focusing on?


Remarkable quotes:

“Someone already invented the wheel, you don’t have to reinvent it!”

“You just need to start with your research.”

“There is no rest in Fundraising.”

“The Fundraising Travel Program is all about helping Patrons travel for a good cause.”


Special Reminder:

"Don't just listen to the podcast, but also implement the things you hear in your life!"


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Kalley Dunn, Senior Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives

Driven, focused, charismatic, and kind, Kalley is the ideal development professional. She knows how to set goals and achieve them. Her nine-plus years of experience in nonprofit management, combined with her commitment to volunteering, make her a true leader in the nonprofit community. From providing education as a professional sales trainer to managing membership for one of the most well-known girl-led organizations in the world, Kalley has a wide array of expertise to share with the nonprofits with whom AmFund partners.

Contact Kalley Dunn: