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Jul 20, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Sarah Olivieri.  Sarah Created the Impact Method, a framework that helps non-profits simplify their operations. Sarah and Travis talk about the process of improvement, the need to hear from the people on the ground, and why It is O.K. to pay your staff. 



Conversation Highlights: 

{00:35} Introduction of our guest

{02:39} Explanation of the Impact Method

{05:03} The Process of Improvement

{09:54} The analogy of a sailboat racer 

{12:10} Get your people to the point where they are coming with solutions instead of problems

{20:19} How to make sure you are not strangling the growth of your organization

{24:30} It is O.K. to pay yourself and others for the talents they bring to the table

{28:12} How to be sustainable 

{30:47} There are no unsolvable problems

{32:04} The charitable experiments that showed people on the ground have the solutions

{41:54} Solutions that are relatable, reliable, easy to implement

{51:43} Finding the better, easier way to accomplish your goals


Remarkable quotes: 

It is a living breathing thing that everybody who is running the organization is involved with. 

Your essentially looking for trouble, we want to find it before it comes and finds you. 

You need to be clear on who you are as an organization.

If you cannot get by on 90% of your income than 120% of your income won’t make a difference.

You must refill your cup. You must put on your own mask first.

Regulations and loopholes and weird things that happen because policymakers, not people on the ground, are setting the constraints for who gets money.

The people in the non-profit who are doing the workday today need to be the ones who are determining strategic direction.

If you're not including people that are boots on the ground or the direct care workers, you're missing the opportunity to get a solution.

We have a structured process of how to set goals.


 Bio: Sarah Olivieri


Sarah Olivieri is a non-profit business strategist, #1 International Best-Selling author, and former Executive Director. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and online trainings and has been a featured expert on more than 50 podcasts. Sarah is the creator of the Impact Method™ - a framework that helps non-profits simplify their operations, build aligned teams, and make a bigger impact without getting overwhelmed or burning out.

Sarah received her BA from the University of Chicago with a focus on globalization and its effect on marginalized cultures and holds a master's degree in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz.

Sarah has over 15 years of non-profit leadership experience. She was the co-founder of the Open Center for Autism, the Executive Director of the Helping of War Foundation, and co-author of Lesson Plan a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students with Special Needs.

As the founder and heart behind Pivot Ground, Sarah helps non-profits make a big impact with relative ease.

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