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Dec 30, 2021

2021 has been filled with tons of victories. We are recapping a successful 2021!

Thanks to all our fans! We couldn't have done any of this without you. At the end of 2020, we had less than 8,000 downloads. Today we are over 38,000 thank you! has grown to include:
Nonprofit Podcast Network: 15 Nonprofit related shows
Veteran Podcast Network: 42 Veteran hosted shows
Guest Appearances: 44 guest appearances this year
Professional Podcast Production: Get your podcast started today!
Ultimate Podcast Guide v 6.0 now 56 pages

Guest Speakers/Presenter:
Podcknow 2021 with Bruce Chamoff
Donor Attraction Forum with Maryanne Dersh
Hubinar with Katie Appold
Teach the Teacher Nigeria with Mike Adeyemo
Synapse Hub with Keith Reynolds
Mental Health Summit with Ryan Hunt

Thank yous:
– Incognito Metalworks and Jeff Riley for creating my sign.
– with Ginger and David for creating my Poker chips.
– Southpaw Laser Concepts and JD Tierney for creating my hat.
– Veteran Podcast Awards and Shane Cunningham from Broken Jarhead. Thank you for creating National Military Podcast Day and the Veteran Podcast Awards. Great job!
– Synergy Learning Institute and Dr. Julie Ducharme for creating my podcast course.
– Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone for creating Unleash Your Humble Alpha
– SkillMil and Michael Hinkle.

2021 Nonprofit Architect Top 10 Podcast Interviews (by downloads)

1. Mark Buzan; How to Jump-Start Your Board of Directors 
2. Tamisha Sales; Conviction in Your Mission
3. Sarah Jean Knox; Help your Donors be Heroes
4. Alec Green: Nonprofit Ready Free Courses
5. Mark Bowers: How to Know if You’re making an Impact
6. Kalley Dunn: Fundraising Insights from the pros at AmFund
7. How Do I Contact Celebrities; An interview with Vincent James
8. Bruce Rosenthal; How to Create Sponsorships using their Marketing Budget
9. Dee Dee Kiesow: Six-Figure Fundraising Framework
10. Interview with Preston Cone; Facebook Ads, email copy, and secrets behind the Google Ad Grant.

2022 Outlook!

Extra episodes including top takeaways from each episode, leadership/mindset, podcast tips, book analysis, policy walkthroughs, and more!