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Jun 23, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Vallye Adams, the Head of Etavele Solutions. She is the former National Director of Expansion and Mission Advancement for Best Buddies International and is currently consulting for them in Expansion and events.

Join Vallye and be inspired by her passion.

Conversation Highlights

[01:30] Vallye gives an introduction to Etavele Solutions, giving an overview of the projects they undertake.

[04:14] Moving into a new state as a nonprofit organization

[06:23] Takeaway #1: When you really focus on building relationships and sharing the mission, you can build an inclusion web.

[09:00] Vallye describes the contribution of her skills of a licensed auctioneer as an added advantage in fundraising for her NPO.

[10:05] Takeaway #2: Just like any business, you need to do research, understand the business model, and set out a strategic plan before moving into a new state.

[18:18] Takeaway #3: Transition your mission to fit the times

[20:50] Key Elements to a successful virtual event

[23:12] "A bid from the heart"

[25:15] Vallye's contact information.

Remarkable Quotes:

[09:06} "Lead with your mission first". (For NPOs moving into a new state)

[18:18] "Transition the mission"


Vallye Adams is the founder and CEO of Etavele Solutions, LLC, a national consulting firm based in Tampa, Florida. Unique like her name, Etavele offers solutions to ‘elevate’ and enhance events, engage boards, specializing in proven sustainable revenue development in the, not for profit sector.

After attending the University of South Florida, Vallye’s professional experience spans over twenty years, including multifamily property management, real estate sales, and over ten years in nonprofit executive management, fundraising, event development, expansion strategies, and new market growth.

Her “WOO” (Winning other’s Over) and collaborative style have cultivated relationships, sponsorships, and corporate partnerships, paving the way for organizations to elevate revenue and enhance event fundraising. Vallye’s ability to help sail these vital “ships” has elevated revenue growth to over $5 million in 5 years. Experience in expansion initiatives and new market growth in Twenty-two states Vallye focusses on grassroots efforts, building cohesive teams, motivated volunteers, and active, structured boards.

Vallye believes actions speak louder than words and offers to personally help your organization make “the ask” and show you the $$! She is a licensed Florida auctioneer and Emcee, offering to consult and coach clients on cultivating exceptional events or facilitate, manage, and lead the revenue appeal development from the frontlines.

Proud to be an accomplished motivational trainer and public speaker, Vallye lives in Tampa with her husband of 22 years and three children. She enjoys tennis, traveling in their RV, spending quality time in the mountains and beachside, and always loves learning, reading, and trying new things!

Contact Info