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Aug 25, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Trenace Richardson, founder of Real Women. She shares the different strategies employed in managing her unique support group, taking into perspective the demands that come with the growth and expansion of the group.

Listen and learn from this educative conversation

Conversation Highlights

[01:18] Trenace introduces "Real Women" and describes their goals as a support group  for women

[04:18] Their core values are centered on authenticity and transparency; a safe place for women to just "Be"

[07:58] You have to have a "what next?" for folks who are enjoying your services and taking part in whatever you are offering.

[09:51] The process from the idea to 501(c)(3) doesn't have to happen overnight; it takes time and perseverance

[11:29] Trenace emphasizes the importance of having a revenue plan for the cost of running the program as a whole.

[24:45] How Trenace manages the many aspects involved in the daily running of Real Women.

[25:45] You want to make sure you encourage interaction among the members so no one is dependent on you as the founder or your team to interact

[32:10] Train the trainers

[38:40] Trenace's advice to startup nonprofit organizations regarding memberships

[42:57] Take time out to build a curriculum if you are going to train other trainers to do what you do

[43:31] Travis reveals that Nonprofit Architect is launching a membership-based "Mastermind" program with other nonprofit leaders.

[46:50] Nothing happens without your activation

[47:24] How to contact Trenace

Remarkable Quotes:

[07:54] "The "What next?" is so important".

[26:15] "Many people just love to be asked to do something special".

[46:55] “Knowledge is half the battle, the other half is Action”.


Dr. Trenace Richardson is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, creative, and an award-winning educator, author, and CEO. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the public and private sectors, Dr. Richardson is a highly respected leadership researcher and practitioner. She has spoken to audiences across the country, helping businesses, churches, civic organizations, and individuals excel in the areas of personal and leadership development. She has an innate ability to connect with diverse audiences across various disciplines.

Dr. Richardson's passion is to help growing organizations and driven individuals understand and practice a theoretical leadership framework that she developed called, Leading with Soul. This inward-focused leadership style has proven to be highly successful in the training of facilitators for her non-profit, REAL Women Inc. and for her clients across the country.

Currently, Dr. Richardson oversees Trenace Richardson Enterprises, a speaking, consulting, and leadership development company. She also directs the work of her non-profit, REAL Women Inc., where safe spaces are created across the country and abroad for women to do personal development work on themselves. Prior to becoming to doing this work full-time, Dr. Richardson held leadership and research positions with Strayer University and The George Washington University, respectively.

A lover of learning and all things academic, Dr. Richardson earned a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from The George Washington University. Her dissertation focused on the impact of spirituality on the leadership practices of African American women college presidents. She is a published author, having written on servant leadership, spirituality in the workplace, leadership, and personal development. Her latest co-authored work entitled, Purpose Pushers: The Journey of Discovering & Walking in Your Life's Purpose is now available.

As a result of her extensive education and experience, Dr. Richardson has earned several awards and recognitions.

Her more notable accomplishments include:

Woman Empowerment Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the DC Women's Business Center

Trailblazer Award by the Charles County MD Commission for Women in the area of Entrepreneurship

The Spectrum Circle Award for Innovative Women in Business, Tech, and Media

The Best Instructional Leader Award by Strayer University

The Irving Strayer Award (given to those ranked in top 1% of leadership) while serving as a Dean of Faculty to over 300 professors across the country

The Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination by Indian River High School in Chesapeake Virginia

The Excellence in Education Award by the State of Maryland while teaching at Bowie High School


​Dr. Richardson is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and recently traveled to Okinawa, Japan to be the keynote speaker for their International Sisterhood Retreat. She is honored to be the wife of Gregory Richardson. They have two beautiful children, Nhi’ya and Nigel, and live in the DC Metropolitan area.

Dr. Trenace Richardson