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Apr 26, 2022

You can use strategic planning to streamline operations in your nonprofit, allowing you to focus on your mission, vision, and values. Clarie Crum and her team assist nonprofit and social entrepreneurship organizations in optimizing their operations by utilizing the resources they already have.


Remarkable Quotes

Claire: when you're not clear on those pieces, you tend to take on superfluous activities and say yes to projects that are maybe a little bit outside the scope of your mission, and so ultimately, what ends up happening is that you dilute your impact.

Travis: The values make the mission statement itself.

Claire: Nonprofits and startups alike tend to be so focused on output and programming that, Yes, some of this operational stuff can end up on the back burner, but unfortunately, what happens when you don't pay attention to some of those foundational elements is you cap the level of impact that you can create, so there you can only scale to a certain degree without having some of these systems and processes in place.

Claire: What is it that you're trying to track? Because that's the piece that a lot of people get wrong


Claire Crum Bio:

Claire Crum is on a mission to support nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to increase their capacity to reach next-level milestones. The leaders she works with at Calm Ops value intentional action to build a foundation for growth that will support their goals for work-life balance and is tailored to the organization's unique mission, vision, and values.


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