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Jan 5, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Bruce Rosenthal, a strategic advisor, and consultant to associations and not-for-profit organizations, creating successful corporate partnership programs that increase revenue and add member/constituent value. Drawing from these experiences, Bruce understands the “ins and outs” of association structures, governance, member services, advocacy, education, revenue streams, and conferences.

One of Bruce’s significant accomplishments is the successful corporate partnership program he directed for a national association based on a major consultation with IEG (the leading sponsorship consulting firm at the time). He launched the program in 2009 and revamped it twice to keep pace with changes in the economy and the evolving needs of corporate partners. He demonstrates leadership in identifying and fostering corporate partnership and sponsorship best practices, opportunities, and solutions as convener of the DC-Area Partnership Professionals Network.

Starting from their own experience, they end up by giving some powerful tips for building a strategic plan for your NonProfit that actually works.

Listen in now and be informed.

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Conversation Highlights:

[02:46] The journey to Bruce Rosenthal Associates, LLC

[12:14] Advertising a 'Thank You!'

[13:36] Bank cares about what's going on in the community.

[17:14] Organisation's mission comes first! (An example to make you understand what they want?)

[23:51] A Snap Recap!

[24:35] Understanding what a Brand is!

[25:45] Get advantage of Advanced Sponsorship to help your NonProfit.

[27:54] What questions do you want answered? (The importance of Member Driven Sponsorships)

[30:13] Find ways in which you can do things differently!

[35:21] The best way to research a Company.

Remarkable quotes:

"If you wanna go fast, go alone! If you wanna go far, go in a group!"

 "If a company is doing something that does not align with your mission, don't do it."

"Your Brand is who you are as a person!"

"If the value is there, there is no reason to go elsewhere!"

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Bruce Rosenthal has been involved in advancing corporate partnership programs for 20+ years. He is currently a strategic advisor, consultant, and educator to associations and nonprofit organizations, creating successful corporate partnership programs that increase revenue, add membership/constituent value, and foster sustainability.

Rosenthal demonstrates leadership in identifying and cultivating corporate sponsorship and partnership best practices, opportunities, and solutions as Convener of the Partnership Professionals Network (PPN), a national organization of executives representing associations and organizations. Rosenthal regularly facilitates PPN Idea Exchanges and co-presents full-day and half-day training workshops and webinars.

Previously, as Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for a large national association, Rosenthal directed a successful corporate partnership program, re-launching the program in 2009. He applied a wealth of ideas, techniques, and proven strategies from extensive consultation with IEG, at that time the preeminent partnership program consulting firm. He innovated the program by revising the positioning, benefits, packaging, collateral, etc. to keep pace with changes in the economy and the marketplace.

Rosenthal does presentations at national conferences, at state conferences, and on webinars – in addition to writing articles and blog posts – on corporate partnership trends and strategies.

Bruce Rosenthal




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