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Nov 16, 2021

What happens when a Rock Star is contacted asking to help with a charity event? Colleen Lloy gives you the Rock Star point of view. What makes a Rock Star want to agree to work with a charity? 

Conversation Highlights: 

{01:00} Introduction to Colleen Lloy. 

[03:27} The process of deciding if you will work with a charity. 

{05:42} The impact of having a son who served in the army and unfortunately, he came back with PTSD. 

{07:19} The reason Colleen has a very specific interest in the American Heart Association. 

{16:59} Words of encouragement to someone looking to do get into maybe a different business or a different way of life.

{20:32} Stories of pranksters from the road. 

{24:52} The hypnotherapy and the transformational therapy that Colleen uses.  

Remarkable quotes: 

I got into hypnotherapy trying to help veterans with PTSD.  

I use my intuition and see whether what they're saying they need from me resonates. 

I am absolutely certain that every human being on the planet has gifts that they want to share.  

I am excited every time and I sing like there are millions of people. I give everything I have every single night.  


 Bio: Colleen Lloy

Although her name is not yet a household word, chances are if you've spent any time in the Sacramento area or Nashville, you have heard of Colleen Lloy. She has been performing for many years in all the local "hot spots". Lloy also has been recognized for her dynamic performance during the annual California State Fair. No matter where you may have heard this lady, you can bet she has a voice you will never forget.


This native Sacramentan’s first recording was a song “Sooner or Later” which was the number 2 song on an album for a charity, “MADD” (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers). Critic Mick Martin wrote: “The most impressive of these is Colleen Lloy whose “Sooner or Later” is an absolute knockout. If this fine singer isn’t signed by a major label, there’s no justice in the music world.” This recording brought attention to City Kidd’s manager who asked Lloy to join the Band City Kidd and played with the original members now known as Tesla.


Lloy over her musical career has entered and won many music competitions one of which was the Jimmy Dean/True Value Hardware Music Competition where she won first place in Northern California which ultimately brought her to Tennessee.


Lloy, an award-winning singer/songwriter fell in love with the musical city and decided to move to Nashville, TN to pursue her singing and songwriting career in 1999. Like many artists, she has a story of courage and stamina where she quit her job, sold everything she owned, and on a wing and prayer moved to Nashville. It did not take long for the industry to realize this lady has major chemistry and charisma on and off stage. Coined the “chameleon” by many, she proves she has an unusual style of singing able to cover any type of music with ease.  She also has appearances on the popular television show “Nashville” as an extra until she can set more time aside for other roles.


2000 was a difficult year for Lloy who lost her brother. She went into the studio and recorded “Life Challenges” and released the song “Can You Hear” to the radio. It charted 26 on the Christian Country Music Charts and is receiving great airplay in many countries.


  • Decatur Celebration- "The best description of Colleen Lloy is a chameleon."
  • Sacramento critic, Mick Martin writes: "The most impressive of these is Colleen Lloy whose "Sooner or Later" is an absolute knockout. If this fine singer isn’t signed by a major label, there’s no justice in the music world."
  • Nashville Music Guide Critic Brad Fisher gives Lloy’s "Life Challenges" CD a five-star rating and writes: "This ten-song CD is an emotional roller coaster that runs the gambit of love. The tunes were either written or co-written by Lloy who has a beautiful set of pipes which she shows off on this album."


Lloy has devoted her life in giving back to worthy causes that touch her soul. Some of those include the American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen for the Cure to name a few. She is also an advocate of our U.S Military and veterans and has written several military songs to share with the soldiers and their families. 


Lloy has literally played all over the U.S. and abroad and returned from two USO shows in Italy. She is a frequent guest at the nationally known Bluebird Café, has done television and radio broadcasts and has opened up for artists like Billy Dean, Paul Overstreet, John Berry, Lee Greenwood, George Jones, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tanya Tucker, John Anderson and many others. Lloy had the rare privilege of interviewing Mr. B.B. King for a proposed television show which she indicates is the highlight of her music career thus far. Lloy recently returned from Maui performing with Mick Fleetwood. 


In any event, whether you see her on a big stage or a small quiet room tucked away in her favorite clubs, we are quite sure you have not heard the last from Colleen Lloy.

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