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Apr 6, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Chris Suchánek, the CEO at Firm Media, managing partner at CASKS Restaurant group and co-founder of Project Boon. Christopher leads Firm Media's client relationships and develops new business opportunities. As an experienced brand promoter, he has created some of the web's most prominent sites in the legal, medical, and dental industries.


Conversation Highlights:

[00:42] Going from Good to Great….

[04:34] How did Chris get to the point where he is now?

[08:30] Floyd Mayweather v/s Mohammad Ali

[10:32] Nurturing up the feeling to Give!

[16:24] Are you a COVID Hero?

  • What you need to organize a smooth event?

[23:01] How was the Thanksgiving event for the drive through?

[25:48] The key to success is to keep going.

[31:13] What actually is Failure?

  • If you don't Quit, you Win!


Remarkable quotes:

“The more your business grows, so does your responsibility to others.”

“There has to be more to helping someone than just giving someone something.”

“Boon, in Thai, means merit you get for doing a good deed."

"Just because it's a nice to have, doesn’t mean it’s a have to have.”

“If you get rejected, and never try again, you’re never going anywhere."

Special Reminder:

 "Don't just listen to the podcast, but also implement the things you hear in your life!"




Chris Suchánek is the CEO at Firm Media, managing partner at CASKS Restaurant group and co-founder of Project Boon. He defines himself as a social entrepreneur and enjoys being connected to others. Project Boon is his opportunity to give back a little of what has been given to him and his wife, Karina Suchánek. He believes that Project Boon is a vehicle for all of us to leave a small dent in the world we live in by making life a little better for others and helping people reach their goals and achieve their dreams wherever possible. Chris’ underlying principle is that the receiver of the gift is the gift to the giver and that those at Project Boon are the ones who are blessed by the people who attend our events and receive our services.


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