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Mar 23, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Cynthia Gregory, as a nonprofit leader with more than two decades in the field and as a certified Co-Active Coach, Cynthia Gregory knows that no one works harder or deserves more validation than nonprofit fundraisers, executives, and cultural change-makers. Cynthia works with nonprofit leaders to develop smart strategic plans, steward their staff to achieve top performance, and make more powerful decisions.

Conversation Highlights:

[01:57] Who is Cynthia Gregory?

[03:13] What is Leadership Wellness?

  • If you don’t make your matrix then you can’t serve your mission.

[05:33] The story of two Woodcutters…..

[09:56] How to rejuvenate yourself?

  • Chronic stress is not our friend.

[18:34] The journey from journalism to Nonprofits….

  • Should Nonprofits write a book?

[23:46] How to live the 4-hour Work Week?

[27:58] How can someone change your life?

[32:19] You don’t have to have all the answers!


Remarkable quotes:

“You give so much that it eventually becomes hard for you to say NO!”

“You can’t make good decisions when you are stressed out.”

“You are worth taken care of!”

“You can’t get what you want if you don’t let people know what you want.”


Special Reminder:

"Don't just listen to the podcast, but also implement the things you hear in your life!"





Through her executive coaching practice, Cynthia supports nonprofit leaders with individual and team coaching, and through Nonprofit Leadership Mastermind Group facilitation. Cynthia earned her BA, journalism from Gonzaga University, and her MFA, creative writing, from Mills College. Cynthia is widely published, and author of Journaling As Sacred Practice: An Act of Extreme Bravery. She helps her clients make more strategic life and business decisions, develop better work-life balance, and change outdated beliefs that hold them back.


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