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Aug 17, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Dee Dee Kiesow.  Dee Dee is an internationally recognized, award-winning fundraising strategist, trainer, mentor. Travis and Dee Dee talk about finding the perfect donor and helping that donor feel like part of the team.  Dee Dee has been successful at finding great donors and raising money. You will enjoy our conversation with Dee Dee.

Conversation Highlights: 

{01:01} introduction of guest.

{02:25} What is six-figure fundraising?

{05:28} Can you imagine having major donors call you and say, hey Dee Dee, how can I help? 

{09:30} Being so much bigger than a call center.

{13:12} What does it look like to be a perspective doner?

{17:25} Are there doners you want to avoid?

{20:15} The difference between getting people at an event and getting the right people at an event. 

{25:53} Getting donors when the world is in lockdown. 

{28:53} What's the transformation taking place, and how are you doing that? 

{34:20} Don't chase people, invite people who want to joyfully transform and also have happy donors. 

{42:20} The importance of gratitude.


Remarkable quotes: 

The six Figure fundraising formula… it's magic. 

It means getting rid of your tin cup and stop begging for money and chasing money. 

I'm asking, inviting enrolling people with a joyful ask and allowing them to be a part.

If you are just trying to fundraise to keep the doors open, that's not a joyful outcome for your donors. 

The last thing you want in the room is that drunken distractor. 

So not only did we reduce the crowd to 300 people, we reduced the cost exorbitantly right, massive reduction in cost, and the next event. In the end, we had $320,000 raised. 




 Bio: Dee Dee Kiesow

 Dee Dee Kiesow is an Internationally recognized, award-winning fundraising strategist, trainer, mentor.

She is a philanthropic force who raises tens of millions of dollars annually with her non-profit clients. Her 30 years of experience working in non-profit organizations, is how her branded Six-Figure Fundraising Formulas came to be.

Her mission is to empower while teaching and mentoring professionals who serve to raise six figures without asking for a dime.

Dee Dee Kiesow brings her practical experience from hundreds of situations to transform your bottom line, raise funds with a servant's heart, and invite gifts in the spirit of philanthropic joy.


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