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Sep 23, 2019

Join Dave as we discuss the importance of strategic partnerships, events beyond nonprofits, and finding a mission after military life.

Dave Burlin is a Certified Professional Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

Professional Sales and Leadership Coach

Facilitator of “Why Discovery” Golden Circles – Simon Sinek Inc.

United States Marine Corps Veteran, Operation Enduring Freedom

Top producer for America’s largest privately held Wedding/Corporate Entertainment Company, DJ Connection

Development of operational programs, including hiring, training, and KPI’s to effectively scale DJ Connection into more than 4 cities in 2 years

Developed and trained sales team and non-sales team members to execute consecutive tradeshows across the Midwest

Spoke at TEDxTulsa, “Discharge to Incharge: Bringing Battlefield Leadership to the Boardroom and Beyond”

Recruited, trained, developed, and coached for more than 3,000 at-risk youth, as well as more than 45 staff members at Thunderbird Youth Academy (National Guard Youth Challenge program)

Member of High-Speed Elite, Veteran Entrepreneur Mastermind Group with Entrepreneur on Fire Founder John Lee Dumas

Dave Burlin is a Professional Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Consulting.

He is a Marine Corps Veteran, and he believes that influence is the core foundation for growth. His passion is to help people maximize their influence potential so that they can create innovative organizations that bring positive change and impact on the world. He does this by helping them communicate their vision, and invest in their greatest resource; their people. With growth comes more opportunity for leaders to emerge, and the cycle of leadership and influence continues.

Since his military service, he spent 6 years working with Oklahoma’s “at-risk” youth. Later he began a career in sales and marketing while working as a wedding DJ/MC for one of America’s largest privately held companies, DJ Connection. He helped grow DJ Connection into other markets and it was in that pursuit that he developed a deeper passion and admiration for company culture, marketing, and leadership development. This led to the launch of Discharge to Incharge, an organization to help connect veterans to resources vital for their transition. This included coaching veterans into the paths of education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

 In 2014, he had the honor of speaking at TEDxTulsa about veteran transition, and this has led to a number of speaking opportunities. He has continued to take his passion helping Veterans into the business world by helping coach some of the most elite teams and organizations on the planet.

He currently resides in Las Vegas and he serves clients around the globe.

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IG: @daveburlin

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Dave Burlin

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