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Dec 29, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Eric Johnson, a pastor, coach, and communicator seeking to cultivate thriving leadership for a striving world.

Currently, He serves as the pastor of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Lake Orion, MI, where he leads a congregation that has gone through challenging times but has entered a period of revitalization. He is also the founder of Thrive Solutions, a consulting practice specializing in vision, strategic planning, organizational culture, and executive coaching.

He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in communications from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary. In addition to ministry, he has a background in sales, management, and financial service.

Starting from their own experience, they end up by giving some powerful tips for building a strategic plan for your NonProfit that actually works.


Listen in now and be informed.

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Conversation Highlights:

[02:36] Eric's journey to strategic planning

[07:20] How can you take what you have, reformulate it, and get your own ship?

  • Figure out exactly who you are as an organization

[10:17] Getting the right people before you get the right work.

[14:08] How to approach the First Step towards a successful NonProfit? (The three questions of Success)

  • Who we are and who are we becoming as an organization?
  • What is the world we are trying to create?
  • How do we get from where we are to where we need to be?

[21:14] 'Vacation' does not mean the same to everyone.

[26:58] Some powerful tips for a startup organization (MUST LISTEN)*

  • What are the '5 capitals'?
  • What does the strategic plan calls for?

[36:42] What if people were built by their abilities?

[41:10] Being the best version of Yourself

[45:17] Are you a startup struggling to get traction?

[50:40] Not every good idea is a God idea.


Remarkable quotes:

"If you wanna go fast, go alone! If you wanna go far, go in a group!"

"COVID did not cause any problems, it just revealed them."

"You'll know what you do when you know who you are."


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What Are The 5 Capitals

How to create a strategic plan that actually works


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As a pastor, coach, and consultant, I am passionate about seeing organizations thrive.

In my 15 years leading in businesses, non-profits, and churches, I’ve watched well-meaning leaders fail to align and motivate those within their organizations towards common goals.

This creates an environment of striving, causing stress, burnout, and division. These organizations fail to provide meaningful work for their employees and lasting value for the communities they serve.

At Thrive Solutions, we believe that, by defining and aligning organizational culture, leaders and teams can move forward together towards sustainable success. This alignment brings clarity of purpose and ownership of the mission at every level of the organization.

In addition to my work at Thrive Solutions, I serve as pastor of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Lake Orion, MI, where I have led the same practices and processes I apply in my consulting work. I am also a graduate of Bowling Green State University and Luther Seminary and worked in sales, management, and financial services before entering into ministry.

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