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Jan 12, 2022

4 Things you need to create monthly recurring donations from your social media following.

1. Ability to collect monthly recurring payments. Apps like Stripe, PayPal, PaySimple have the ability to collect recurring payments.

2. Give something in exchange for recurring donations. This is usually SWAG (t-shirts, hats, mugs, masks, etc.). Companies like, Teespring, and Printful have print-on-demand services so you don't have to buy in bulk upfront.

3. Craft a social media post with impact.
➢ Tell people what your nonprofit has been doing
➢ Show the continued need (this is usually the hardest part)
➢ Your vision or goal
➢ Convey that financial support is still needed
➢ Your offer of free (T-shirt or other) in exchange for monthly recurring donations
➢ What their donation provides
➢ What your t-shirt does for them
➢ Offer ends XXX date (helps to create urgency)
➢ Remind them your mission changes lives
➢ Call to action (AKA click the link below)
➢ Link to your donation page
➢ Pics of t-shirt

4. Order the agreed-upon swag and ship directly to the donor. Be sure to use their payment to make this happen. Next month, the recurring payment hits your account. All that's left is to maintain the relationship and keep them informed on how their recurring donation helps accomplish your goals!

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