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Jun 21, 2022

Bring ancient wisdom into the modern everyday Life with ALIVE. ALIVE is an acronym. Allow more Ying into your Yang. Listen within. Inspiring the soul first. Value your fears and energize your daily flow. When high-achieving, creative-conscious business leaders who are dealing with the chatter of their minds cut through distractions they can focus and, master their energy.


Remarkable Quotes

Anna: If you are enlightened and don't use any of what you have been given, what is the point? 

Travis: There are multiple ways to add value to the world.

Anna: We are not the voice in our head, those are things speaking to you and through you, you can determine what actions you're going to take.

Anna: The 1st 30 to 60 minutes a day, ground you for the rest of the day.



{02:00} Who is Anna Sun Choi?

{04:30} The Conscious Leadership Foundation

{08:45} Finding Funding

{10:55} The A.L.I.V.E program

{13:10} Allow more Ying to your Yang

{17:15} Listen within

{21:30} Inspire yourself first

{27:30} Value your fears

{22:00} Energize your inner flow


Anna Sun Choi’s bio

Anna Sun Choi, Energy Coach, Forbes Author, and TEDx Speaker serve high achieving, creative, conscious, next-gen global leaders to catalyze a tipping point in global enlightenment.

Trained by two living enlightened Energy Masters, she is a lifelong energy student for the last two decades. Her work blends ancient wisdom, energy mastery, and brain education as a Dahn Master, Korean Qigong Yoga Instructor, and Taekwondo Martial Artist.

A second-generation Korean American social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Anna founded the Conscious Leadership Foundation to train educators in helping their students cultivate mindfulness and emotional resilience through Brain Power Wellness.

Her proudest accomplishment is water birthing her son. She's married to her best friend for 20 years in Poulsbo, WA. Anna loves being a singer-songwriter, hiking, dancing, and cooking plant-based cook, and you might see her face on billboards or subway trains as a BECU model.


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