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Jun 30, 2020


In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Kate West, CEO of The Fundraising Lab and an enthusiast for helping startup nonprofit organizations. She discusses grant writing, martyr syndrome, and sheds some light on coaching for strategic failures.

Join Kate and be enlightened by this highly insightful content

Conversation Highlights

[00:45] Kate shares her origin story

[04:41] Takeaway #1: In preparing a nonprofit organization to receive grants, it be must run like a business.

[06:52] How to locate grants for your nonprofit organization

[13:11] Takeaway #2: Kate points out that her major goal when writing a grant is to ensure the reader has no questions unanswered.

[16:39] Takeaway #3: There comes a critical mass point where you have to offload something or your business cannot grow.

[18:01] Using "Strategic Failure" to get help

[23:59] Takeaway #4: People want to invest in organizations they know they can trust.

[30:36] In terms of using resources to solve problems, partnerships are needed more than new nonprofit organizations.

[31:54] Takeaway #5: "Prioritize your passion".

[35:43] How to contact Kate

Remarkable Quotes

[17:27] "The point of "overwhelm" is the exact place where you need to insert someone to help support you".

[23:48] "You get what you pay for".

[30:27] “Having the passion does not mean you need to start a nonprofit organization”.

[31:54] "Prioritize your passion".


Kate West is a seasoned fundraiser with 25 years’ experience in the nonprofit world, both as a staff member and an independent consultant. She has worked with many types of nonprofit organizations, including healthcare, human services, the environment, education, and youth development. In her career, she has raised tens of millions of dollars for community-based organizations, focusing primarily on small and new nonprofits. She is an expert in all facets of the grant writing cycle including donor prospecting and relationship building, staff and board member coaching, and management, collaborating with program staff to build and monitor programming, grant and report writing, budget development, data management, contracting, and donor acknowledgment and stewardship. She is a seasoned teacher and mentor with the skills to facilitate information exchange and teach in a variety of environments and channels and currently offers a six-module online grant writing course.

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Contact Info

Facebook: (@yourfundraisinglab)