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Jan 11, 2022

Education and certification programs are important for all Americans. International students can struggle with the process. How can we help these students through the intern application process?

Conversation Highlights 

{01:06} Introduction to finding good interns 

{06:25} The first step for people interested in an internship 

{09:06} Step two after the application 

{13:32} The recall assessment 

{19:43} The length of time to complete all the steps 

{20:48} What to do once they are part of the team 

{25:25} What is coming next?

Remarkable Quotes 

Travis: “Education and certification programs are important.” 

Haowen: “If you don’t train your interns, you’re going to have a bunch of untrained, uneducated people that don't feel like you care about them running around trying to do things for you.” 

Haowen: “Our students come from low-incomes and refugee camps; they need a role model.”  

Haowen: “Our interns can create a new lesson plan; create the programs we need to learn how to be able to create.” 

Travis: “Often people will get a job description, apply for the job, do the interview then start the job and the job is nothing like what was advertised.” 

Haowen: “90% of our students successfully complete and continued to get another job.”


Bio for Haowen Ge 

Haowen Ge is originally from China and moved to Shaker Heights* with his mother when he was 12 years old. He experienced and fully understands the challenges and obstacles international students currently face at local public schools. 

Haowen graduated from the University of Mount Union in 2012 with a B.A. degree in Business Administration. He, also, received an M.A. in Business Administration at Baldwin Wallace University in 2017. Mr. Ge is the executive director at International Student Services Association and founded the Haowen Cultural Foundation in 2017. 

Haowen’s education, his personal and work experience uniquely qualifies him to provide guidance and assistance to international students. This includes college identification and application, career advising, and financial aid planning to facilitate a potentially difficult process for students that are new to this country.

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