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Sep 14, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Cory Myres of Lubbock Consulting, sharing views on leadership strategies, and methods targeted at improving the quality of leadership performance in any organization.

Listen in on this educative conversation

Conversation Highlights

[00:58] Lubbock Consulting works with both For-profit and Non-profit organizations to expand the value of the firm and find solutions to management problems when present.

[01:55] Train your Executive Director like you would train your CEO

[03:57] Takeaway #1: The most cost-effective method to train your CEO or Executive Director is to read.

[05:32] Cory describes other methods to train your CEO/ED including inviting an expert from outside to train them, attending conferences or training, or finding a mentor.

[08:20] Takeaway #2: One free resource on the internet that everyone should use is books.

[14:27] Nonprofit Architect is launching a Mastermind, for details contact

[14:37] Takeaway #3: You can't learn unless you move around new people and have new experiences

[27:17] Who are you?

[32:48] The two clients of a nonprofit; the program side (recipients of the value you provide) and the funding side (your Donors)

[38:55] Only 15% of nonprofits thank their donors.

[40:30] Takeaway #4: You have to share the load with someone

[47:30] Takeaway #5: Ask questions

[52:00] Cory explains how he finds his leadership style

[59:04] "The 3Ds of leadership: Delegate, Delegate and Disappear"

[01:01:04] The 4 phases of Basic training (Situational Leadership); Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating.

[01:05:20] Cory's advice to startup NPOs regarding leadership; Take a personal inventory noting your strengths and weaknesses, after which think strategically about your next move.

[01:07:09] Just being intentional will multiply your efforts tremendously

[01:07:17] How to contact Cory


His podcast: The Inspired Thrive Lead podcast


Facebook, Instagram


Remarkable Quotes:

[40:20] "You need a hand; you may not need help but you need support"

[59:04] "The 3Ds of leadership: Delegate, Delegate and Disappear"

[01:06:47] "You can do a whole lot by planning out and being intentional about your next move"

As a US Army Veteran, Cory made constant improvements in the Squadron, Brigade, and Division through innovative thought and superb organizational awareness. During his time at Texas Tech University he not only earned his bachelor’s in business management he worked with teams of young entrepreneurs, helping them along the way. With a rock-solid background in Business Management and Leadership, he has a thorough understanding of many different industries and what it takes for a business to be successful in each. Cory knows what it takes to be a champion and can lead your business toward those goals.

Whether you’re starting out a small business or trying to solve a multi-million dollar business problem, Mr. Myres is the perfect person to help you plan, negotiate deals, structure policy, improve quality, facilitate exponential growth, conduct training, create marketing strategy, design web sites or fabricate proprietary software programs, and much more.

Cory can help you with his experience in the fields of Aviation, Military, Food Service, Industrial Engineering, Construction, Non-Profit Organizations, and eCommerce.

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