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Sep 21, 2021

Do you wish you could multiply yourself? In today’s episode, Johnathan Kraus explains how to multiply yourself through delegation and leadership training. He will share the importance of investing in your team and creating confidence in them. How can you motivate your staff to take ownership and initiative?


Conversation Highlights: 

{00:51} Background on love, never fails international. 

{02:48} Living in India and learning the Hindi language. 

{03:20} How to multiply yourself through delegation and raising up leaders.

{04:46} The first hire  

{07:54} Focus on leadership, investing in your team, investing to get to know them. 

{16:13} Creating a hostile work environment

{20:41} The playbook. 

{26:25} Taking ownership, showing initiative. 

{31:15} What are some things that you write down? 

{37:01} Why you need to build confidence in your staff. 

{41:05} Why you should start small.

{46:34} The need to have someone who could encourage and teach. 



Remarkable quotes: 

Many studies show that if you can give a child education in India, you're going to take him farther away from poverty. 

You can't delegate something and then stand over their shoulder and expect them to do it.

Delegation without accountability equals chaos.

Either there was a checklist that you didn't follow, there was a checklist that you did follow that wasn't correct or you tried to do something without a checklist. 

The abundance mindset versus the scarcity mindset. 

You're instilling confidence in them. 







 Bio: Johnathan Kraus

Jonathan didn’t always walk in the freedom, peace, and joy of living his dream job and calling in life. For many years he lived a drug addicted life. He began using drugs as a teenager which led him to drop out of school at 14, incarcerated at 15, and shot at 3 times by 16. At age 19 God radically saved him and by age 20 he was involved in children's ministry at his Church. Founder and President Dr. Jonathan Kraus is a Rutgers University graduate. He went on to earn his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry at Trinity Seminary. He also earned his Ph.D in Counseling from Northwestern Seminary.


A former college professor and grade schoolteacher in USA, Jonathan left the comfort of his life to answer the call of God in 2010. Through much prayer and wise counsel, God challenged Jonathan to start this organization, Love Never Fails International. When God called Jonathan to work with the children of the slums and streets of Mumbai, he knew this was God’s purpose in his life. He counted the cost and stepped out in faith not doubting God would provide. By our founder's little step of obedience trusting in God, LNFI is serving children from coast to coast today in India meeting children's needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The vision of this non profit is to rescue, protect, and raise children in India to live a life of purpose, joy, and freedom.


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