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Jan 13, 2022

We always seem to have so many things to get done, a never-ending to-do list. These open cycles are draining our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. How do we actually get these things, big and small, off of our lists for good?

Make a list of all your open cycles. These could be friendships, work tasks, household chores, plans for the future, or things you've promised to take care of for other people.

This list divides itself into things ranging from very important to small action required.

You will find that you will be able to close, about a third of these open cycles, simply by allotting the time in your schedule and putting forth a little effort.

Another third can be closed relatively quickly, but this will require much more effort and humility. To close the next category of open cycles, we may need to, as the same goes, eat crow or put our pride away. We may need to be humble and transparent with those to whom we have made promises or perhaps even apologize to them. If it is a client and we do not feel that we have delivered what was promised, despite good efforts and intentions, be completely honest with them and find a way to make things fair. Then bring them into a place of abundance. Again, there is some effort, but the cycles can be closed in a relatively short amount of time.

Closing the last third of our open cycles may prove to be much more difficult. These are the open cycles that carry a lot of weight. They may have been opened years ago and even if we have consciously tried to convince ourselves to let them go, subconsciously in ways on us the stress finds its way to our pillows each night. To close these remaining cycles, we may need to forgive ourselves from a past event or situation. We may also have to forgive others who have wronged us or those close to us. Our unwillingness to forgive them has left us with an open cycle which in turn gives them the ability to still affect us.

More ways to complete tasks and prevent cycles from re-opening.

Delegate. Either pass a task to a subordinate, work with a family member to get it complete, or pay someone to get it done for you. If you can hire someone $10/hour to complete a task while you're earning more, it makes sense to maintain productivity and continue dollar-producing activities while someone else completes the tasks that don't increase your wealth. VAs (virtual assistants can do nearly everything including, hiring someone to cut your grass).

Automate. If you find yourself doing recurring tasks or answering the same questions over and over again, you can set up an online FAQ (frequently asked questions) or update policy to take the ambiguous area and make it clear. For online tasks, Zapier and IFTTT (If this then that), can remove most of the drudgery or recurring online clicks.

Eliminate. Some things simply don't need to be done. If you get a new boss in and they don't ask for something the old boss demanded, consider not doing it (safety concerns considered). Most of the things we do, including worry, don't really need to be done. figure out which things simply don't matter. Which relationships drain you? Get rid of them. No amount of shared DNA gives people the freedom to treat you poorly, hold them accountable.