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Feb 12, 2020

Join Danielle as we discuss the nuts and bolts of the nonprofit startup to include the paperwork, board composition, taxes, and grant writing. All the steps to start a nonprofit!


My dynamic personality and passion for helping others bring forth intuitive solutions is not one but FOUR industries. As the Chief of Operations at Dee Luxe Consulting, I am a multi-talented consultant who has been working in the financial and legal industries since 2004. I currently consult on financial literacy, nonprofits, and real estate.

When not helping others make their money work for them and improving communities, I am the brains behind Maverick Home Solutions, a real estate company specializing in community redevelopment. I am also the proud mom of a heart warrior, I love traveling, reading, and writing for my company's blog, and can be found off the beaten path... or on social media @iamdanielledee.