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Mar 3, 2020

Join Lakia and me as we discuss free coordination software and the best place to find volunteers.


I am the co-founder and Director of Finance for Positive Transitioning.  I am a CPA registered in the State of Georgia.  My position with Positive Transitioning allows me to wear many hats.  I currently work with social media, on the app and website, entrepreneurship, and wherever else I need to fit in.

Positive Transitioning is my passion and I enjoy helping others help themselves.  

Positive Transitioning Inc. is a non–profit organization that provides individuals reentering the community after incarceration. Positive Transitioning Inc. is a 24-hour Resource/Listening Line that services all 50 states. The Resource/Listening line is staffed by life coaches and provides individuals with the immediate support and resources that may be needed during reentry. We will also have Crisis Clinicians available for individuals that may be calling in crisis due to the stressors related to reentry.

Positive Transitioning Inc. also provides individuals life coaches that will assist them in every step of the reentry process. There is a different program that is associated with each step of the reentry process. These programs consist of housing, education, employment, vocational training, obtaining government benefits, veteran's assistance, medical management, sponsorship, financial stability, family reintegration, and legal assistance. 

Currently, Positive Transitioning Inc. is entirely web-based as we are hoping that this makes it easily accessible for anyone to access from anywhere. Although we are hoping to keep our organization web-based, we have team members working in 2 locations, Columbus Ohio and Atlanta GA, which will eventually become our physical locations. As we are a non–profit and depend on donations, grants, fundraising, and volunteers, until Positive Transitioning Inc. becomes more established and is able to raise donations, our team will be working on a volunteer basis.  Also, with this in mind, any days, or hours that you are available to work with us are so much appreciated. This would not be possible unless we all work together to build a Positive Transition.


Lakia S. Goodman | Director of Finance

Positive Transitioning, Inc.

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“Working Together to Build a Positive Transition”

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