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Sep 29, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Marc Summe, CEO of the Minute7 software company. They review the software from its functionality and benefits to the price offers as well as other useful free tools that nonprofit organizations can maximize starting up.

Listen in now and be informed

Conversation Highlights

[00:27] Find out about the Nonprofit Architect Alliance, the mastermind group Travis is launching, by sending an email to Travis with the subject line “Nonprofit Alliance”

[00:58] Takeaway #1: Minute7 is a software admin tool that helps companies with tracking time and can be synced with a QuickBooks account to save the extra time and effort required to enter the whole data manually.

[05:27] For now, Minute7 is only integrated with QuickBooks but it will soon be integrated with Zero   

[06:20] Marc discloses that while the total price is $8 per month per active user, he is offering a 20% discount to all listeners of the Nonprofit Architect who send him an email at with the subject line “Nonprofit Architect Listener”

[08:57] His experience growing up with a single mom carrying the entire load inspired his search to work with a nonprofit that supports single moms, listeners with any related information can contact Marc

[13:27] Takeaway #2:  A list of free tools Marc’s company has been using to work remotely including Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Zendesk (for customer support)

[18:58] Follow Travis on Facebook ( ) and check his timeline 7th of August to see all the free tools available for startup businesses

[21:13] For help with entrepreneurship, business startups, or software companies, contact Marc at


Remarkable Quotes:
[18:31] “In a lot of ways we are really lucky to be in this world at this time, if we are interested in starting our own thing, it’s easier than it’s ever been because of all these tools out there for us.”

Marc is the CEO of Minute7, which does time and expense tracking for professional service businesses. Minute7 helps professionals service businesses get paid faster from their customers. The company is bootstrapped, has thousands of users and doubled its revenue last year.

Prior to Minute7 Marc worked in finance and private equity. He met a lot of successful entrepreneurs along the way before deciding to make the leap himself. He walks to the office every day and loves the autonomy that comes with running your own business.