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Nov 27, 2019

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Matt Cubbler dives deep into nonprofit misappropriation, volunteer relations, bad donors and mission creep.

Matt Cubbler has always lived a life of sacrifice and dedication to others. From serving in the U.S. Army, to working as one of Pennsylvania’s most renowned police officers, to donating his time speaking to teens and young adults about the importance of leadership in their lives, he has devoted his life to helping others through both his professional and personal life.
A month after graduating from high school, Cubbler’s brother Andy died in a violent car accident. That moment would end up becoming the single most impactful moment in his life. While he excelled academically in high school and had an opportunity to attend one of the four major military academies, he decided he was needed elsewhere and chose to enlist in the United States Army and served for four years as an Intelligence Analyst. His Army tour of duty took him from Augsburg, Germany to the Persian Gulf War.
In 2009, Cubbler got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and he launched his first company MaxOut, a unique fitness brand that owns a unique piece of patented strength training technology and owns and operates one-of-a-kind gyms utilizing this same technology. Over the past eight years, while still working full-time as a police officer, he has built MaxOut into a national brand that has helped thousands of people achieve strength and fitness levels unseen in the fitness marketspace.
Today, Cubbler is still a full-time police officer, the COO of MaxOut and a sought after public speaker who captivates his audiences through his personal story of struggle and triumph, his leadership training program based on his experiences as a soldier and his law enforcement officer and most importantly his life living with his best friend and brother whose life and death has inspired all that he has accomplished since that fateful day when Andy died in 1989 

Matt Cubbler