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Dec 1, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Monica Stoneking, founder of SK Consulting to help individuals, small businesses, growing businesses and non-profit organizations develop strategic branding, marketing and outreach plans.

She has more than 20 years experience in strategic branding, marketing and communications. From Concept to Creation to Implementation, they help you take control of your marketing!

  Starting from their own experience, they end up by giving some powerful tips to make your Nonprofit stand out.

Listen in now and be informed.

Conversation Highlights:

Takeaway #1 : Struggling to move your Non-profit forward?Join the Nonprofit Alliance, a mastermind group launched by Travis, where we talked with nonprofit leaders and branding experts on how to stand out among the crowd!

[01:59] Combining Passion, Time and Experience to help small Nonprofits to compete against big dogs.

[07:42] Engagement in unique ways!

[11:32] Working with grass-root organisations.(Setting up a National Virtual Talent Show)

[20:16] Targeting the right audience……

[27:42] What is it you want to do?(The need for Research)

[30:59] Marketing during the Pandemic.

[34:07] Give them a reason to know who you are.

Remarkable quotes:

"Different is what we need right now!"

"If you don't understand what you do, nobody else will."

"The key for any Nonprofit is to stand out and stand above."

Special Reminder:

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Monica is a firm believer that any business can be successful if the right plan is in place.  You can have all of the passion in the world for your business, its products or services and your customers.  However, that passion needs to be put into a plan - a strategic plan.

Monica has been very fortunate in her personal and professional lives.  She has worked for great organizations that make positive differences in the lives of others. Her goal and mission in life has always been to help others succeed.

Through SK Consulting, Monica is able to do what she loves - and she loves what she does.  She’s honored to serve businesses that help people get and stay healthy. She is touched by the mission of the non-profit organizations I help. She is inspired by the small business owners, the entrepreneurs who help sustain our local economy.  She understands the struggle of working within a limited budget and wants to help their partners maximize their business potential while minimizing their expenditures.

As wife and a mom to an nine-year old boy and three four-legged kiddos, she appreciates the value of a dollar.  Knowing the difference between necessities and luxuries is vital.  Let's just say, the Dollar Store is her friend.

Monica Stoneking received a B.S. in Communications/Journalism from Truman State University and earned a Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Monica Stoneking



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