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May 7, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis sits down with Paul Pavolni, a brand mentor who helps businesses establish their brand strategy, brand identity, and brand delivery. He shares his expertise to help businesses attract the audience they want to reach. He highlights that branding is important in a growing business.

Conversation Highlights

[01:01] Paul explains his job as a brand mentor.

[04:53] Your business name must make sense for what you are trying to do.

[06:10] What’s in a business’ name?

[08:50] Paul shares the story behind his name “Voppa”.

[10:44] Paul mentions his podcast Headsmack podcast: Ideas that work

[11:13] First point: Inconsistency affects your brand. 

[17:30] Second point: Is your brand still relevant? 

[18:03] Third point: Limitations can hold your company back.

[24:03] Paul shares his personal experience highlighting her wife’s support in his career.

[31:01] Don’t make confusion to your clients.

[37:01] Make the right branding for your business.

Remarkable Quotes:

[11:01] “The solution to their problem is more complex than they thought.”

[12:53] “Because of inconsistency, it’s hurting your brand.”

[31:00] “Confused people don’t buy. If you are confusing them they won’t buy.”

Paul Povolni is a Brand Strategist and Creative Director that helps his clients get clarity in their brand and then equips them to express it in a way that attracts their ideal clients and sets them apart from their competition.  

Paul has also lead creative teams in producing award-winning work for over 20 years.

Paul is an international speaker on branding, creativity and mindset, speaking to corpo­rations, keynoting conferences, and leading workshops.  He also teaches Branding and Design as an adjunct professor at Belhaven University. 

He was born in Europe, raised in Australia, and matured in America where he now runs Voppa Creative, a Brand Strategy and Design agency serving clients around the world.


Paul Povolni Brand Strategist/Creative Director

Voppa Creative