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May 13, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis sits down with Paul Vibes, a motivational youth speaker and mentor and the person behind the Buddy Club. Growing up with learning difficulty, he is able to affect people with his “Paul Vibes”. He highlights that we need to have the right perspective in overcoming our challenges in life and take the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Conversation Highlights

[01:14] Paul shares what they do at Long Island  Buddy Club

[03:30] His big realization: Wow! I am more than I thought I was

[05:30] Paul’s perspective about COVID-19 pandemic 

[06:58] His perspective about his learning difficulty

[11:25] Paul’s advice on how to deal with challenges

[14:51] Learn from Paul how to live with a “Paul Vibes” 

[16:30] Paul emphasizes the need to seek help.

[19:40] How to deal with the pandemic with Paul’s perspective

[23:09] Paul narrates how he started leadership roles in a club

[30:00] His journey in collaborating with others

[32:01] Paul talks about The Long Island Buddy Club.

[37:10] The reminder: Be kinder, generous, and humble

[40:00] Paul as a member of the board of Positive Behaviour Support Services (PBS)

[42:47] Paul’s Contact Info

Remarkable Quotes:

[02:59] “We, as individuals, have the opportunity  and the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.”

[16:30] “Growing up with a learning disability, I realize that it’s very important and necessary to seek help.”

[24:25] “I can’t control the fact that I have a learning disability. That’s something I have to accept and work with….Focus in the things that you can control.”


After overcoming a learning disability my mission became helping others with their own challenges. In 2011 at the age of 18 I founded a nonprofit called "The Buddy Club of Long Island". The Buddy Club is a successful effort to increase connection and independence in the lives of young adults with special needs, this included the organization of social outings and empowerment activities.

Through my work with these amazing individuals, I have cultivated a love of motivational speaking which has led to Paul Vibes. As a young adult speaker, I believe in the power of connection, whether that be peer to peer or parent to child. The experiences in my personal life combined with my involvement in substance abuse counseling allow me to encourage others to reach outside their comfort zone. My talks have the audiences reflect on their own life, assisting them in finding areas where they can create positive changes. By offering them the tools needed to overcome their perceived limitations audiences will be able to look at their challenges from new angles and adopt a new mindset in relation to the understanding of others.

Connect with Paul Vibes