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Oct 1, 2019

Join Stephen and me as we discuss mistakes, shops, and the guts to have the conversation.

Knucklehead Podcast is a podcast where we discuss mistakes that we made, provide perspective to people who could benefit from learning, and spent time with entrepreneurs largely with a military background.

I spent almost 10 years active-duty and in the reserves for the United States Marine Corps, grew up working construction, and seeing how somebody willing to work could run their own business. I bought my first business from the guy in the Air Force whenever I was in Iraq, it was a lawn care company and I still get crap to this day for my wife about our slogan “one blade at a time.“ We sold the equipment and the list of clients to someone who is running the lawn care business after we left and immediately started working on side projects as I was pursuing full-time and come after I get out of work.

Business is fascinating, consumers are interesting, but the problem-solving component of running a business has always been something that’s attractive to me. We encourage people to be #alpha of their life rather than #beta, #dontbebeta #getsomewins, and go dominate with an #alphamindset.