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Dec 21, 2021

Are you grieving the loss of someone this year? Or do you know a man who is grieving? How does a man grieve? Tony Lynch talks about dealing with anger, and grief after the loss of someone we love.  

 Conversation Highlights: 

{00:56} How the Memories of us nonprofit was started.  

{06:59} Helping men walk through and process hard things. 

{18:19} When anger itself is not a problem. 

{32:25} The communication factor between men and women. 

{36:44} Lessons we learn shopping with women. 

{43:50} Rules for chores around the house. 

{48:54} Changing the way that you behave and interact with the world. 

Remarkable quotes: 

I've gone through some really challenging moments dealing with loss; things I didn't understand because I was never taught these things. 

The anger itself is not a problem. It's how we employ it that's the problem. 

I never really addressed the source of the anger. 

What does anger look like? It looks like an addiction. It looks like thoughts of suicide and looks like homelessness. 

Anger is one of those ones that I find that men adapt to a lot quicker than anything else because it's easier to be angry than it is to say I'm hurt. 


Bio for  Tony Lynch 

After experiencing several losses in my life including both parents, younger brother, and my son I experienced many challenges during my grieving process such as anger ,addiction, homelessness and an attempt to take my own life and with the lack of resources available to men I had to go through this journey alone after a long hard journey and many lessons learned I realised the need for resources for men memories of us was founded with a dedication and passion to help other men like myself to have a space to begin healing through our losses and hidden trauma 

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