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Apr 19, 2022

If your nonprofit is struggling to raise money, you need to listen to this episode!  This secret method could bring in all of the funds you need.

Conversation Highlights

{02:25} What is Sharing the Credit?
{02:57} How to turn a business into into a money making machine for charity. 
{05:17} How to fund your charity without having to constantly seek donors.
{7:10} Comparing Miliary Recruiters to Fundraisers.
{8:44} The two most expensive things that non profits do.
{12:47} How to turn volunteers into paid employees.
{15:19} Why business like Sharing the Credit.
{21:25} Why Sharing the Credit is a good business decision

Remarkable Quotes

Will: We turn that business into a money making machine for charity. 
Travis: we got off the fundraising cycle and we get to enjoy seeing our donors and throwing friend raisers instead of fundraisers. 
Will: I don't want these guys sitting there struggling to raise money. I want them to spend 
Very tiny little bit of time, raising money and then I want to get them out there doing their cause, because that's that's a real Superman. 
Travis: Money is not the problem. Money is a symptom of the problem and it's the symptom of I don't have good fundraising practices in line. 

Will Black Bio

Will started redirecting funds to charity in 2011 and started his foundation in 2012. His foundation donated $50,000 during its first two years and $250,000 by year four. Now they have given away millions of dollars to dozens of nonprofits. They wrk with animal shelters, housing groups, veterans organizations, faith-based groups, and schools. They recently started a Spanish-speaking arm to work with Hispanic/Latino Chambers-of-Commerce.

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