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Oct 20, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect,

Travis talks with Karley Cunningham, a big thinker as well as the creative strategist and business accelerator at BigBoldBrand. She's written for well-respected publications and is a sought-after speaker and mentor for several National and international business organizations. Her past career as a pro Elite Athlete has taught her to be performance driven and now she is filled by a natural collision between business development brand and good design.

Listen in now and be informed.


Conversation Highlights:

[00:20] Takeaway #1 : Struggling to move your Non-profit forward?Join the Nonprofit Alliance, a mastermind group launched by Travis, where we talked with nonprofit leaders and branding experts on how to stand out among the crowd!

[03:20] Why do magic happen when everything is aligned?

[06:25] Takeaway #2 : Check out Travis on Facebook.

[08:34] "To develop a whole community, you must work on the layout of the neighbourhood and where the house of each individual is."

[10:20] Are the tactics in alignment with your purpose? Are they in alignment with your guiding principles?

[15:30] Do your Non- profit has a separate personality?

[17:17] When I say thank you at the end, they are gonna say 'my pleasure'. The values they embody in their service, I am going to get that same Chick-Fil-A experience, no matter where I eat!

[17:30] Is your Mac better than my PC?

[19:10] Takeaway #3 : Go to BigBoldBrand and follow along with the elements and evolution, and see how you can implement these things!

[19:40] It is a lot easier for the cops to chase a thief, when they know who he/she is.

[25:40] Knowing the best way to support them is only half the battle, the other half is taking the action.

[29:40] Travis's promise is disapproving?

[36:35] My client/donor is my hero!

[42:18] The pitch introduction is the tip of the iceberg; a lot of the stuff is under the water.

[47:08] The most impactful stories are very short.

Remarkable Quotes:

[09:35] "When you shift your foundation, the whole thing comes down!"



Karley Cuningham takes organizations from over-crowded, competitive spaces out into  blue ocean territory where they can confidently stand-out and thrive. Non-profits seeking to make an even bigger impact in their space retain Karley to get clear on their  purpose, messaging and sharpen their brand and marketing strategies to generate more  awareness and raise more money.  

Providing non-profit leadership teams with the critical strategies and tools needed to  attract and retain ideal donors, develop a great memorable brand and effective  marketing, Karley’s international client-base benefits from accelerated growth, increased  exposure and stability.  

Having built three successful businesses, Karley knows what it takes to start, build and  lead a company that delivers results. She has written for well-respected publications, is a  sought after speaker and mentor for several national and international business  organizations. Believing deeply in the practice of ‘givers gain’ she is well-known and  networked.  

As a former pro athlete, Karley is performance driven. An avid mountain athlete, she is a  two-time finisher of the BC Bike Race, a seven-day, 325 km, mountain bike stage race.  When not focusing on the business or expanding her network, she can be found  challenging herself, on the single-track trails of the Pacific Northwest either on  her bike or running.