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Feb 9, 2021

In this episode of the Nonprofit Architect Podcast Travis speaks with Sara LeCarno; a first responder.

Hearing her experience will remind you why you are serving your mission.


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Conversation Highlights:

[02:23] Getting involved in the VeteransForLife!

[06:41] How going through this type of program changes your perspective

Memorable Quotes:

1. Shifting your perspective gives you a better outcome
2. Asking for help doesn't mean you're helpless
3. You can take any class but until you look in yourself it won't click
4. Self evaluate and begin the healing process
5. If you absorb someone's bad day then you have a bad day


Sara was born and raised in Portland, OR. She left home at 18 to live on the east coast for a few years before moving to Amarillo, TX for 8 years. She was nationally certified as an EMT out of Amarillo College. She was hired on shortly after with Amarillo Medical Services before American Medical Response came to the area. It was then that AMS would transition over to AMR. She transitioned to Springfield, MO for the last 8 years. She is training as a Wilderness EMT certification through NOLS in hopes of becoming part of a Search and Rescue team at a state park. She is certified in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and a member of FEMA’s Disaster Response Team. She has also been an FTO lead for 4 years.

Sara LeCarno

(417) 849-8566


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