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Nov 30, 2021

You can reach the best version of yourself and be your most authentic self. As a nonprofit, you can help others create the intentional life they have dreamed of. You can help people create a life with no limits.


Conversation Highlights: 

{00:51} Introduction to Brian Bogert and the impact he has had on people.

{07:49} Why you need to know who you are trying to impact.

{21:07} Emotional triggers that shift the lens that you're viewing a situation through.

{29:46} When you defined yourself with "I am" statements, and then the statements change, you can feel lost.

{40:36} We can treat people terribly when we have poor vision and no idea how to put a system in place that doesn't burn our people out.

{43:25} Having the courage as nonprofits to stand up to donors.


Remarkable quotes: 

It's your responsibility to heal from the trauma move forward. 

pain will become one of the greatest motivators towards whoever you want to become. 

They've never delivered a 7-figure idea because they didn't believe they could deliver a 7-figure idea they didn't believe they could be operating at that level. 

If you want to impact millions upon millions of people, it's going to take millions upon millions of dollars. 

The system is broken and we, as nonprofits, are perpetuating the brokenness because we aren't standing up. 



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 Bio for Brian Bogert

Brian Bogert is a passionate human behavior and performance coach, speaker, business strategist, top sales professional, and philanthropic leader who believes in helping growth-minded individuals achieve the best version of themselves: their most authentic selves.


Brian teaches how to leverage radical authenticity and awareness to create the intentional life you’ve been dreaming of but have struggled to create. His revolutionary strategy—embrace the pain to avoid suffering—has helped individuals and companies break beyond their normal to achieve the success in life and business that they’ve always wanted. If you want to create a life of no limits and gain freedom, Brian and his team will get you there.


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