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Jan 18, 2022

You can empower people to help their friends and neighbors who are struggling after experiencing a painful life situation. Evan uses a mix of humor and inspiration to equip people to absorb complex topics such as trauma and mental health.

Conversation Highlights

{01:01} Introduction of Evan

{06:16} Being the largest faith-based trauma recovery program

{12:35} Leaders who struggle with feeling like they don't have a seat at the table

{18:55} Creating a solidified solution when you have a systemic problem

{26:24} Cultivating an atmosphere that keeps people coming back year after year

{34:37} Empowering board members

{46:04} Recovery has not been a thing for the last two years

{52:06} Empowering your people and giving them the tools to be successful

Remarkable Quotes

Evan: You may not care who I am. And that's OK. But I care who you are.

Evan: We want to be in the room where this next tier will accept us and tell us that we're enough.

Travis: There are so many people dedicated to trying to make it better for the veterans.

Travis: When you take something like an apple seed and you plant it; you cultivate it, you water it. You give it sunshine, and eventually, it sprouts. And then over time, many seasons, it grows into a sapling; then a tree and then it flowers, and the very last thing that is produced is the fruit.

Evan: It's about giving them the essential tools they need to do the core role at REBOOT.

Evan: People don't volunteer because they feel like they're writing a blank check with their time. They feel like, once I volunteer a little, I'm on your list and you're going to call me all the time.

Evan: The people who volunteer for us, these are not just people who I'm using, these are people who I believe were specifically designed. I believe they had a special calling on their life.

Evan: We give people the room to grow.

Evan Owens Bio

Evan Owens co-founded REBOOT Recovery and has led the organization as the Executive Director since its inception. Evan has authored several books and small group studies and is the host of the REBOOT Recovery Show. He is often featured as a keynote and panel presenter at conferences. Mr. Owens believes in empowering everyday people to help their friends and neighbors who are struggling in the wake of painful experiences.

As such, Evan trains small group leaders, pastors, and everyday people around the world to respond to those who are struggling with trauma and mental health challenges. His unique blend of humor and inspiration enables people to absorb complex topics without feeling overwhelmed.

He is married to Dr. Jenny Owens, co-founder of REBOOT, and they have three young children.

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