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Feb 2, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Tamisha Sales, Co-Founder of Educational and Community Strategies. Tamisha helps to reduce educational and community disparities by training school leaders, mission-driven organizations, and individuals on unconscious bias and its impact on internal and external outcomes.

Starting from their own experience, they end up giving some powerful tips on building a strategic plan for your Non-Profit that actually works.

Listen in now and be informed.


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Conversation Highlights:

[02:57] Building sustaining partnerships…..(How the Community Action Partnership of North Alabama help to reduce the causes and consequences of Poverty?)

[05:07] People accept whatever is presented to them without questioning it.

[08:46] Who should be on my Board?

[12:23] You need to align your board recruitment process with your overall business plan.

[18:49] How old is Sale's organization?

[20:16] Getting the right 'Who' on the bus before you do the right 'What'….

  • How can they add value to your organization?

[24:47] The three-step communication process.

[27:38] What to do after setting up the board?

  • Program development is a never-ending cycle.
  • What is Community Assessment?

[34:12] Go out and ask what can you do better?

[37:00] A Ph.D. in Education? What's on the horizon?


Remarkable quotes:

"If you wanna go fast, go alone! If you wanna go far, go in a group!"

"Don't let others mold your future."

"You have a choice every day is it Positive or Negative?"

"Make your decision; Break the cycle."

"Diversity is more than race."

"Make sure you have conviction in your mission."


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 "Don't just listen to the podcast, but also implement the things you hear in your life!"



Tamisha Sales, M.Ed., owner and co-founder of Educational and Community Strategies, is a committed nonprofit and community partnership leader with nearly two decades of experience serving the community. Sales has documented success in building sustained community partnerships and increasing nonprofit funding that drives innovative changes and lasting community impact. She is experienced in case management, program development and evaluation, training and presenting, recruitment, and retention and advocating for marginalized populations. Tamisha Sales’ career passion is to positively impact individuals by guiding organizational solutions that take outcomes to the next level.

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