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Mar 15, 2022

Has your organization struggled with strategic planning? You may need to hire someone to help you! After you've created a strategic plan, your company will be able to focus on its goals since you will have laid out a road map for the next few years.

Conversation Highlights

{01:07} Introduction of guest
{03:57} Looking at the broad picture and breaking it down into daily bite-sized chunks.
{07:32} Individuals think of intensity, and as a result, the process that people go through with me maybe rather intense. Having discussions with a wide range of stakeholders.
{10:28} Strategic planning
{14:20} Allowing people to synthesize all their talents and find things to celebrate.
{17:20} Staying safe by identifying the hazards.
{21:31} Focusing on high-level goals helps people refocus on the mission.
{24:30} Upgrade on the idea of the mission statements.

Remarkable Quotes

Carol: Your big vision is that change that you want to see in the world
Carol: What's our one-year implementation plan.
Carol: It's valuable to have someone from the outside help design and keep the conversation moving.
Travis: You're either ready for accountability or you're not interested in accountability.
Carol: Let's focus on what's working and how we can grow that will give you perspective.
Travis: You look at the human-centered design. You look at the appreciative inquiry; what do those mean to you?
Travis: There are other human people that we're working with and no one takes the heat more than the volunteers.

Carol Hamilton Bio

Carol Hamilton is an organization effectiveness consultant who helps nonprofits become more strategic and innovative for greater mission impact. She facilitates strategic planning, (online and in-person), helps organizations prepare for executive transitions, and provides training.

Carol trains frequently on leadership, strategy, and innovation topics and is the host of the Mission: Impact podcast. She graduated from Swarthmore College and has her Masters in Organization Development from American University

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