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Mar 22, 2022


While on a vacation to India, Caroline noticed children in India who were in need. She is determined to make a difference in her life and help others. Caroline currently devotes her time to assisting foster children in the United States as well as orphans in other countries.

Conversation Highlights

{00:51} Introduction to guest 

{08:06} Connecting foster care systems.

{14:30} Supporting families and children.

{17:39} Using prevention to stem the tide of the foster care system.

{19:51} Sharing resources

{21:43} The huge vision 

{23:31} Going global

{25:49} Taking parental rights seriously.


Remarkable Quotes

Caroline: I thought what am I doing?  I'm partying around the world and they're hungry and alone.

Caroline: We take kids from orphanages and bring them back to their family of origin.

Caroline: We prevent children from ever entering the system in the first place.

Caroline: Never doubt one person can change your life if you let them.

Travis:  I was trying to hold them accountable when they weren't ready to be

Caroline: The average child in the United States foster care will move to seven different foster families.

Caroline: 60% of the foster families quit within the first year.

Travis:  They want to be the hero, they want to pull the kid out of the river, but they don't want to prevent the kid from getting in the river.


Caroline Boudreaux Bio

Caroline Boudreaux is the founder of Miracle Foundation, a top-rated non-profit empowering orphans and vulnerable children to reach their full potential. She is also a leader in the movement to reunite children with their families, a revolution that is growing worldwide.


Her latest initiative: FosterShare™ is a phone and desktop app that prevents foster children from bouncing from home to home, decreases the drop-out rate of foster parents, and brings greater stability to the foster care ecosystem.


As an authority in the social entrepreneurship field, Caroline has received a variety of awards including: The Hope Award, The Impact Award and The United Nations Humanitarian Award. Caroline has spoken for the World Economic Forum, Women’s Leadership Forum, Young Presidents Organization, UBS Philanthropy Day, and TEDx to name just a few.


Caroline is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and has completed executive programs at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Yale's Jackson Institute for Diplomacy, India School of Business and Oxford.



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