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Oct 12, 2021

The charitable arm of your for-profit business can easily participate in corporate social responsibility. Carl explains the world of private foundations and explains how you can use private foundations to raise corporate social responsibility.  


Conversation Highlights: 

{00:45} Background on Guardian Angel Advisors? 

{07:57} You can pass down assets for your family to manage

{11:00} You can set up a Family Foundation

{16:10} Non-articles of nonprofit incorporation, or a minority decision-maker. 

{21:15} Lists of foundations. 

{25:12} Why the government incentivized public service work. 

{29:37} The option to not get a degree.

{33:10} What is dynamic paying? 


Remarkable quotes: 


I started a business with student loans

Legally reduce your income tax when they do a charitable donation, also eliminate capital gains tax on investments. 

If the foundation is still around and carried on by your kids, you're still giving money every year to causes that your family cares about, and that would be like phase three.

I want to be a steward, so the next generation that's on this planet gets to enjoy museums' art. 

Let's say it makes 3 billion in profits. It can donate up to 30%. Get a charitable donation deduction, and then from there in their foundation they can start supporting causes and doing something called corporate social responsibility.

There are very few degrees that you will need actual schooling for. 

 Every year there's about $400 million in unused scholarships





 Bio: Carl Dimailig

Carl Dimailig is a  Marine Corps Veteran, entrepreneur, retired chiropractor, and philanthropist who shares the world of private foundations as the charitable arm to your for-profit business, allowing you to easily participate in corporate social responsibility.


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