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Jun 29, 2021

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis talks with Wes and Debora from The Multipurpose Room Podcast about using podcasting to promote your non-profit. Podcasting is the best way to get your message heard by today’s audience.  Wes and Debora talk about finding topics that matter to your audience, using social media, the length of your podcast and so much more.

If you are already a podcaster, Wes, and Debora give some tips on how to improve your podcast.  To find these tips listen to today’s episode.



Conversation Highlights: 

{02:37} Behind the scenes with the Multipurpose room podcast.

{03:55} Choosing topics that matter to your audience. 

{06:21} Why Podcasting is the most convenient way for your audience to receive your message. 

{08:16} Picking a time length for your podcast episode.

{14:09} Being part of the podcast community.

{15:32} Give your guest and listener the most engaging way to hear the clip or full.

{17:11} How to get your audience to rate and review the show.

{20:11} Using social media, Tick-tock, Instagram, reels, etc...

{25:45} Why you need a great summary at the end of your episode. It is a WOW factor.

{32:19} Pulling value points from the conversation. Making sure your guest looks good and is comfortable.

{35:32} The pre-call is essential. 

{39:04} How to find the right guests.

{46:17} Getting ads for your podcast.  $18.00 per 1000 downloads on a 15-second intro spot or 25. 

{52:26} The importance of staying committed.


Remarkable quotes: 

Whether it is social or direct outreach, podcasting made a lot of sense.

The great thing about a podcast is you can also fast forward to the part you're interested in.

 No matter what your style, your preferred length is, there is an audience that you are going to be able to reach based on their needs and what they are looking for.

I went through 60 audiobooks, in 2019. Just commuting back and forth to work and listening.

 Preparation is critical. People undervalue preparation sometimes, but when you are bringing on a guest, I always like to tell the guest what we are trying to get out of the episode.

What is your kind of call to action at the end of your episodes?

One of the most creative things I have seen for an intro was pulling clips from a few episodes talking about the host or what that looks like and then splicing those together. 

Try and stay connected with our audience and do things that matter to them at those given times.






 Bio: Wes and Debora



Wesley is a PTA dad, entrepreneur, Air Force Veteran, host of the Multipurpose Room podcast, and owner of a K-12 Clothing, a school apparel supply company. Prior to K-12, Wesley worked in higher education managing graduate degree programs and building business partnerships for the University.

After sitting in a PTA meeting, Wesley realized that schools all over the country were going through similar challenges of managing spirit wear, school uniforms, and fundraising. In 2016, he launched K-12 Clothing as a direct-to-customer solution to make the process of managing school apparel easy for schools year after year. Wes also co-hosts the Multipurpose Room podcast - a show focused on practical tips for school leaders. When not hanging out or traveling with his family, Wes can be found under the hood of his ‘66 Mustang or tinkering with his recording studio set up.


Debora is a PTA mom of two, a lawyer turned business executive and a podcaster excited about helping educational organizations achieve their goals. Debora brings two decades of business experience in sales, marketing, and operations to the education sector borrowing from effective corporate principles to help PTAs, PTOs, and school administrations achieve their goals. As a business leader, Debora has grown business units from the group up to over $10M in revenue. As co-founder of K-12 Clothing, Debora focuses on strategic growth initiatives to propel K-12 Clothing into a leading role in the K-12 apparel market.

She is highly involved with her daughter’s schools whether creating the yearbook, volunteering in class, or attending PTA meetings. Debora is a frequent speaker, writer, and blogger with articles published in a variety of online and hardcopy publications. Debora also co-hosts the Multipurpose Room podcast - a show focused on practical tips for school leaders. When not hanging out or traveling with her husband, kids, and three dogs, Debora can be found running around her hometown in Northern California.



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