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Jul 7, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Jeff Riley who runs Jak Kustoms, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting war veterans and appreciating them for their sacrifice. He describes in detail the different approaches and strategies that have been applied to make this NPO the success that it is today.

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Conversation Highlights

[00:48] Jeff Riley introduces  Jak Kustoms and shares its history.

[04:28]When trying to get sponsors, you need to make sure that they believe in your cause as much as you believe in it.

[07:12] Jeff describes how he uses every aspect of the car show to raise funds.

[16:02] Takeaway #1: Be the first person that believes in your mission if you want other people to believe in it.

[17:18]Not every company will be able to donate to you at that specific time

[18:03] Takeaway #2:  You can't be afraid to go out there and constantly brainstorm

[19:14] Takeaway #3:  Once you get to that first "No", that's when the negotiations really start.

[20:56]Learn from someone else's pain

[21:51] How to contact Jak Kustoms

Remarkable Quotes:

[16:02] "You need to be the first person that believes in your mission if you want other people to believe in it".

[17:13]Don't be afraid of getting that "No".

[18:12] "If you can't think of it, Just ask someone else"

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Jeff Riley served five years in the United States Marine Corps, being honorably discharged in 2016.  He was a member of Guard Company, Marine barracks Washington 8th & I.  After two years in Washington DC, he became a member of the Marine Security Force at the White House Communication Agency.  There, he traveled nationally and internationally with both the Vice President of the United States and the President of the United States, providing security for top-secret assets and personnel. 
Along with two close friends, he founded JAK Kustoms, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back to the veteran community.  To date, his incredible team of volunteers is responsible for over $30,000 being donated to different veteran orientated organizations.  
Currently, Jeff works for a private security company as a Reactionary Force Leader, providing physical security for the New Boston Air Force Station in NH. 

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