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Jul 21, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Cate Redfern, the founder of Adansonia Consulting and they expound in detail major topics including Change Management, Stakeholders, and How to pay and attract the best employees.

Listen in now and be enlightened

Conversation Highlights

[00:46] Cate briefly describes her inspiration for the name "Adansonia" and how it relates to her company as a nonprofit organization.

[02:37]What is Change Management?

[06:01] Takeaway #1: Despite the pandemic, the fundamental tenets of fund-raising have not changed; nonprofit organizations can, however, move from the typical transactional type of fund-raising to a more inspired form of fund-raising.

[10:39] Takeaway #2: A more effective means to reach out to donors is Specific Active Direct Messaging which involves using the impact qualifier to connect the donor directly to the outcome rather than to your NPO as the middleman.

[13:02] A stakeholder is anyone who holds a stake in the outcome of your organization.

[14:12] The idea of Client-centered program delivery and  Donor-centered fundraising.

[22:24] Takeaway #3: Understanding and having a place where people can come together and "speak the language they need to speak" is so valuable and very powerful.

[24:11] The importance of client feedback cannot be over-emphasized.

[27:14] How to approach payment of staff worthwhile wages in a growing nonprofit organization

[35:49]Cate shares her knowledge on the role of by-laws in hiring staff for your nonprofit.

[38:59] How to contact Cate

[39:26] Takeaway #4: A very important question for a board to ask before hiring a consultant is "What tool is the consultant going to leave with the organization to be able to continue to solve problems on its own?"


Remarkable Quotes:

[13:01] "A stakeholder is anyone who holds a stake in the outcome of your organization."

[16:22] "Not every donor has the same motivation for giving but if you talk to enough of them, you'll get a picture of what the hook is, to get them involved."

[24:15] "As hard as it is to hear criticism, that is when your most transformational work happens."


Cate Redfern is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with 20 years of experience as a nonprofit board member, volunteer, development director, and executive management team member. She helps small to medium nonprofits with limited resources to excel at achieving their mission. Trained in Communication and Marketing, Cate has a unique background with over 20 years’ nonprofit marketing and fundraising experience in South Africa, Botswana, the Cayman Islands, and the United States.

Cate works with nonprofits to improve program delivery, earned and contribution revenue streams, and overall organizational performance. She is a highly regarded strategic thinker and problem-solver with a passion for improving performance in challenging environments. Her consulting services help nonprofits identify and prioritize goals, and develop plans to achieve them within the organization’s current capacity. Cate works with clients to achieve these goals by guiding and facilitating strategic planning sessions; engaging clients in collaborative organizational assessment and recommendation development and implementation; designing fundraising programs to increase and diversify fundraising revenue, and providing on-the-job training and coaching of staff to help nonprofits meet the strategic objectives of the organization.

Cate Redfern, CFRE