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Jul 28, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, host Travis Johnson and Justin Szerletich are going to talk about the strategies to achieve a Relationship Management and Giftology to launch and grow your Nonprofit organization during the Covid-19.


Conversation Highlights

[01:51] Giftology: The benefit of giving the proper gifts.

 [03:13] Justin, on a side note explaining what’s a Relationship Management.

[10:58] The Process of Relationship Management with relation to Giftology.

[11:25] Justin, on a side note explaining what’s Code-switching.

[15:01] The importance of Strategist Gifting: something durable that people are going to appreciate.

[21:26] New methods are needed during the pandemic to keep nonprofit organizations running.

[32:12] Tips for people who want to improve their methods of raising money for charity.

Remarkable Quotes:

[12:43] “Treat them like a human being, treat them how you want to be treated. Endear yourself to them”.

[31:46] “If you make your advance likable and get people engaged, you’re going to be able to do anything”.


Justin is a U.S. Marine Corps infantry veteran, serving as a U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Team Leader in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His experience encompasses all social media channels, radio/podcasts, to film and television. He is the founder of SZERDS and Studio SZ as well as the Director of Content Strategy for Knucklehead Media Group.

Szerletich has a bachelor's in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and is currently studying at Harvard University’s Extension School to complete his Masters in Digital Media Design.

He is recognized as one of the top and most innovative content strategists and design lead in the nation.

He describes himself as a husband, a father, a son, and a proud veteran.

His passion, inspiration, and creativity have seen him helm amazingly creative projects with clients such as ESPN Radio, State of Illinois Dept. of Labor, BizTalk Radio, KnuckleHead Media Group, Business Doctor TV Show, Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration, 23rdVeteran, Navy Special Operations Foundation and more…

Justin Szerletich