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Oct 15, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Jared Ledbetter, founder of Carbon Digital, and has been working on Web design and SEO. He discusses branding, particularly the Story-Brand Framework, and highlights key factors to consider in website design and management.

Listen now and be enlightened

Conversation Highlights

[01:11] How Carbondigital US started

[03:23] Before you start a website,  you have to figure out who you are; the Story-Brand Framework

[05:48] The Donor is the hero of the story

[08:08] As a Nonprofit, you have at least 3 audiences; the target you provide services to, those providing the services within your organization, and the donor group.

[12:16].Jared describes different applications of the Story-Brand Framework.

[15:30] The Story-Brand Script

[14:36] Having the right story behind your brand makes the biggest impact

[17:03] Jared shares a few tools he uses to track activities of visitors on his website

[19:38] The goal is to keep them on the website longer

[23:21] Goal-oriented mindset is how you track how well you are doing

[26:39] For people who visit your website to take action, you want to ensure the process takes the smallest number of clicks possible.

[31:04 ] As a nonprofit, you are a brand

[34:48] Everything that you do is a never-ending process; you're never going to stop analyzing and making changes

[36:39] Every single post you do as a nonprofit should not be an Ask.

[38:33] How to Contact Jared


Remarkable Quotes:

[13:44] “When you achieve consistency, the probability of obtaining more success is exponential”.

[14:32] “Facts tell; Stories sell”.

[31:04] “As a nonprofit, you are a brand”.

[34:33] “You as the beacon for your brand, must be authentic”.



USMC Veteran with a career in supply & logistics, while operating a digital agency. Self-taught in web development, Jared has built websites for companies like Kraft Works, Good Uncle and Pepsi!

Jared has since expanded into areas like marketing, app development, data analysis and growth strategies. In June 2020, Jared also launched the Digital Battlefield podcast!

Jared Ledbetter