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Aug 18, 2020

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis features Jaemellah Kemp, the founder, and CEO of It Takes Two, Inc, and Jaemellah Kemp Consulting, created to help aspiring and new founders of nonprofit organizations. She critically discusses key points centered around how to start a nonprofit organization, as well as board organization and organizational management training.

Listen in now and be enlightened

Conversation Highlights

[00:57] Jaemellah gives a little back story on her inspiration for her nonprofit organization.

[03:36] Jaemellah's first-year milestones checklist for start-up nonprofit organizations.

[06:17] How to start a nonprofit organization; who do you plan to serve?

]06:41] How to start a nonprofit organization; how do you want to serve them?

[07:01] How to start a nonprofit organization; why do you want to start this nonprofit organization?

[07:59] Takeaway #1: Doing Good is a business

[08:16] Get the education first, before starting a nonprofit organization,

[09:27] We cannot end every fiscal year with no money in the bank, that is not the way to sustainability

[09:51] Takeaway #2: Starting a nonprofit is easy; it's operating it that has the challenges.

[12:23] The IRS determination letter makes you eligible, it does not make your qualified

[14:03] A founder should have a surplus of money to help get everything started

[16:07] Takeaway #3:  You need to have a program to show the world that you're meeting your mission statement

[20:44] For a 501(c)(3) public charity, the board should be representatives of the community that we're serving and those who are in our service population

[20:59] How to start a nonprofit organization; finding board members.

[23:43] Takeaway #4:  If you're having trouble asking for help, you're not asking for help for you, you're asking for whoever you voluntarily said Yes to serving

[26:13] Think of the Executive Director as "Hirable and Fireable"; they will only fire you if you give them a reason to do so.

[28:41] Takeaway #5:  If you're thinking about starting a nonprofit organization, just do it.

[29:38] How to contact Jaemellah

Remarkable Quotes:

[07:34] "If we're clear on where we're going, we have a better chance of getting there".

[18:40] "Think about what is easily implementable but delivers immediate impact".

[16:29] "Programs provide a long term solution to the problems that you have identified for your service population".

[29:31] “Anything is possible if you put in the work”.

Jaemellah Kemp is a Georgia native schooled in the greater Washington, DC area and she is all things nonprofit management.

Ms. Kemp holds an associate’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She obtained her masters in Nonprofit & Association Management from University of Maryland University College (UMUC) May 2014.
Ms. Kemp joined the UMUC alumni association, recorded a UMUC My Moments YouTube video and commercial that aired regionally. She participated in this ad campaign for three years with marketing banners at BWI, sides of Metro buses, and DC area train stations. Ms. Kemp received the 2015 Achiever’s Award at UMUC’s 25th Annual Alumni Awards in June 2015. In June 2015, she was appointed to UMUC’s Board of Directors as the Programming Committee, Vice President. Ms. Kemp was spotlighted in 2018 as a University System of Maryland (USM) entrepreneur at the USM Chancellor's home for her leadership through IT TAKES TWO, INC, and its impact on local communities.

Ms. Kemp’s personal struggles as a single parent and desire to help others led to the birth of IT TAKES TWO, INC in 2012, 501c3 public charity where the cornerstone of the organization is its Tools for Success Scholarship. To date, 21 scholarships totaling $6800 have been awarded to local youth living in single-parent homes in select Maryland counties.

Her philanthropic and business acumen is still far-reaching through her nonprofit start-up consulting firm, Jaemellah Kemp Consulting, LLC, that launched in May 2014. Ms. Kemp uses her classroom teaching and daily experiences as a nonprofit leader to help community-minded entrepreneurs to launch sustainable nonprofit organizations. To date, she has launched over 30 nonprofits with a 100 % 5013c approval rate that provides services to youth, educators, domestic violence victims, youth workforce development, infant loss, and promote education and literacy.
Ms. Kemp is a public servant with a heart to serve local youth and families. She invites you to partner on IT TAKES TWO, INC’s mission.

“We can do more together. IT truly does TAKE TWO.”

Jaemellah Kemp